Compliance Process


Dedicated Support Office

TLC has a Compliance Support Office function that includes a dedicated team assigned to compliance alone, as well as a team dedicated to creating “combined CVs” which means that any CV you receive will include references, eligibility to work, CRB, Bloods, Fitness to work, H&S and BLS documentation, plus of course any other relevant documentation.

Continued Review

Once the compliance team has verified all information received and has made the doctor compliant, a “flag” is put on the record to be re-checked when the earliest expiry date of any document appears. This means that nothing is missed and a doctor cannot be confirmed into a booking until rectified and verified by the compliance team with a new date for compliance review.

These processes assure TLC’s clients and candidates that we will only supply the highest quality staff, so you can be confident that TLC will deliver results for you.