The Locum Consultancy compliance division is an integral part in providing clients with a risk managed service via the provision of the highest quality locum medical staff.

Each and every one of TLC’s candidates who are placed into positions throughout the NHS all meet the standards stipulated by UK governing bodies including the Department of Health, NHS employers and Government Procurement Service frameworks.

For some this process can sometimes seem tiresome, but the skills and experience within ensure they get you out to work in the shortest possible timeframes. The benefits of this for both candidates and clients speak for themselves, just read some of the testimonials TLC has have received here.

If you are not already registered you can start the process on the register page and one of the specialist recruitment consultants will be available to aid you throughout the process.

Once you are fully compliant you can then be placed in any of the thousands of locum positions that are available daily across the country.

A Standard of Excellence


By adhering to the standards of excellence set by TLC and by surpassing the standard level of compliance set by the Government Procurement Service (GPS), HTE and LPP Framework Agreements, TLC is continuously offered the best locum positions across the country that other locum agencies are not.

Like its specialist recruitment teams, the compliance team’s job only begins when candidates reach a full level of compliance, as they are committed to continually assisting their candidates to maintain and develop your portfolios to ensure you are in best possible position to take advantage of the vacancies they have available.